Traffic crawls.

People look at the crumpled vehicles, cross their hearts if they are Catholic, peek and stare. There isn’t a body on the road covered with a blanket, but yellow plastic tape has secured this crash site for investigators..

Gated communities, close by,are nestled in Georgia o” Keefe landscapes, not far from trails that Spanish explorers followed to Santa Fe in the 1600’s and wagon trains traversed in the great western migration.

As late as the 1900’s, we didn’t have car accidents and if you fell off your horse and broke a leg you took care of it yourself and got yourself back in the saddle and rode home.

I can never not look at a wreck but I hate to see dead bodies.

This aftermath is a reminder to turn my headlights on and be vigilant on the two lane highway cutting from Pecos to Clines Corners.




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