This rock, in Embudo Canyon in the Albuquerque foothills, is not where it should be.

It appears it was lifted out of the ground on a nearby mound of dirt left by a road grader, and was carefully placed in a ditch by the side of the trail we are trekking down. We can see the hole imprint in the mound where the rock used to rest.

Why would someone move this boulder?  Moving it serves no purpose that we can see.

” Let’s move it back, ” Alex jokes.

I  think about it.

If we move the rock back will the cosmic order be disturbed? How far do we want to go to impose our will on the natural world? Has moving rocks become against the law in an open space monitored by cameras and posted signs? Do I want to hurt myself? Maybe the rock likes it right where someone else placed it?

While I consider, we walk past the crime scene, down the trail towards the parking lot.

I’m suspecting someone will put the rock back where it was just because they can’t live with things out of place.

God made us with free will and my free will tells me to keep walking.

This scene has man’s fingerprints all over it and I’m damn well not going to touch anything.


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