Nature doesn’t vanish in a city.

This nature walk is on Kaisar Permanente Hospital grounds in Los Angeles, complete with fountains, paths,shade trees, shrubs, colorful flowers, wild grasses, birds, butterflies, and a solo coyote crossing a parking lot with a house cat in its jaws.

At the end of this concrete winding path, at the top of a small hill in a place created for meditation, is a small fountain and an inscription on a plaque.

Babies are precious, but, in the last fifty years, the U.S. has snuffed out fifty million.

My walk this morning is a relief from hospital rooms filled with breaking and broken bodies.

A little sparrow blends with the concrete path as he hops in front of me and I step around him.

Hiding, in plain sight, is a good skill to possess.

Defense is a part of every good game plan.

Babies have no defenses.


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