Christmas is a time to rekindle old acquaintances and celebrate friendships.

This gathering at Carl and Linda’s brings friends together on a Saturday afternoon to enjoy each other’s company and talk new news.

Enough bring dishes that all I have to do is be an appreciative eater. There are, according to good cooks, not enough good eaters in this world.

On the roof patio, some of us visit.

David, who has been here twelve years, writes for the He tells us about a new restaurant in Saraguro called the Shamuico. I hear the name and shorten it to Shamu, after the whale.  I think I can remember the name but am sorely wrong the next day when we go to Saraguro and look for it and I forget my memory cue.

Ex-pats come to Cuenca for numerous reasons and stay for the reason they like the most.

As Eric puts it, ” When you find your reason for being here, it is usually enough to keep you here. ”

Cuenca is not without blemishes but enjoying Christmas with friends is one good reason for expatriates to stay here.

It is not a written law that we have to stay in the country of our birth.

Where we live, like many other things, is our choice, if we have the means.In  Cuenca, you can easily meet other people who left the country of their birth for the same reasons you do.

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