Stan has had chickens for a few years.

They weren’t something he wanted but his adopted kids wanted egg laying chickens so he built them a first rate chicken coop, feeds them, keeps their cage clean, and can’t kill the chickens because his daughter would cry.

” Do they lay in the winter, ” I ask?

” They slow down, ” Stan says, ” they lay eggs four or five years. ”

” Then what do you do? ”

Stan takes a moment and judiciously answers, ” Leave the coop and the gate to the back yard open and hope they take a trip and forget how to get home. ” 

Chickens are eaten all over the world, but looking at them gets me thinking .

Why do I want to eat an animal that lives in a cage, uses it’s front yard as a bathroom, and pecks in the dirt for its food ?

 What does he do with the cage when the kids grow up and leave home?

The coop is too small for Mother-In;Law quarters and it doesn’t have a big screen TV.


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