In the hotel lobby, each day, Augustino unfolds two tables.

On one of his tables he places undecorated bowls,miniature football helmets, action figures. On the other table, where he sits and works, he has finished products for sale, hand painted and top coated with a glossy lacquer finish.

He is dipping his brush into color and applying paint as I watch. When done with one color, he cleans his brush in a glass of water, wipes the residue off with a towel, then switches to another color on the bowl he is working on. 

These little bowls are finely detailed.

The one I purchase has turtles swimming on the inside. Any of these will look good on a coffee table and put conversation in motion. They make a good place for rubber bands, hard sweet peppermint candies, wandering coins.

 An ancient God, playing flute, dances around the inside of another finished bowl. 

Whether Augustino’s muse is Gods, or money, is a question only he can answer?

On the walls of his home he might have spectacular canvases of Incan jungles, ancient costumes, and wild untamed animals.

Modern life takes the spirit right out of you, if you aren’t vigilant. 





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