There is an old joke about having to look for a cop at the doughnut shop when you need one.

I haven’t seen a man or woman in blue at my Albuquerque Donut Mart, but I haven’t needed one either.

While Donut Mart is not Wal Mart, they do have  fritters, twists, donut holes, donuts, bagels, glazed, jelly filled delights and specialty treats to meet all your taste bud needs. There are five stores in Albuquerque and all are locally owned and operated by a legal immigrant Pakistani family. It used to be Albuquerque had Winchell’s or a Dunking Doughnuts, when you needed one, but they have both died without a proper funeral. The coffee is tasty here at Donut Mart, wi-fi is free, bathrooms are clean and the staff is courteous and friendly.

If I were a cop I would be sitting here too at a big round table writing reports and listening to my Sergeant rile about my last traffic stop, the one where the driver of an old Chevy pickup with trash in the back had warrants and I took him to booking for processing and was out of service for two hours while the city was burning.

I have dropped internet at home and instead of spending thirty five a month for internet I now spend sixty for hot coffee and another sixty for doughnuts.

Even though I like coffee and doughnuts and wi-fi, this change is slowly not looking like a good deal.

i write posts here by the front winbdow and watch cars going to work while talking with Mr. Google.

I am back home in New Mexico but there is work to do. For a while I have to pull the paint pants back on and rehab houses. The house I’m watching needs to be sold and several rentals, one of them Alan’s, need to be up graded and possibly sold.

Living is expensive and living and traveling is more expensive than that.

Work skills bring money.

Writing skills bring satisfaction.

How to say something short and sweet is as good as sinking a thirty foot putt to win a beer with the old guys on our once a week ” golf day. ”

Doughnuts are decadent, but totally beat a more healthy meal.



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