The Amarillo College Museum has several floors and this Friday Alan, Cousin Jim and Scott ,visit both of them.

On the second floor, the permanent exhibit features sculptures carved from sandstone dating from the 1st century in Thailand, Cambodia, and India.The sculpture has been donated to the college by Dr. William T. Price and his wife, Jimmie Dell Price. The exhibit seems an anomaly in Texas cow country with windmills, barbed wire fences and branding irons crossed over gateways the main artistic endeavors.

In the open spaces of this well lit gallery are displayed the sandstone sculptures themselves. When carved, the craftsman/artist started with a simple block of sandstone and then carved away sand till they reached what was in their mind’s eye. There is no going back with this art, no pasting sand back. If you make an error the entire sculpture is ruined , the block goes back into the quarry, and days and days of work are annihilated. 

These sculptor’s, like brain surgeon Dr. Price, worked slowly and meticulously with sharp instruments, good eyes, and patience. What is taken away can never be put back.

How objects survive from the first century is amazing.

What we make these days is planned to be obsolete.. We don’t fix things – we just buy new.

The past lives quietly in the present and speaks to those who are attentive.


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