Things usually happen more than once so if we miss it the first time around we can catch it the second.

Last year was the 2016 Punkin’ Chunkin’ Festival in Estancia, New Mexico. This year is the 2017 Edition.

Estancia is south of Moriarty and is even smaller than Moriarty. Established in 1909, it used to be an agricultural mecca but many residents now are on food stamps, section 8 housing, SSI disability or Social Security. Vets like it here because it is quiet, people stay out of your business and you have space. When you have been shot at you have a different view of the human race than pacifists.

In this 2017 parade, politicians get their names out, have floats and cars draped with American flags.

In a rural state, metropolitan areas pick who goes to Washington so these candidates spend most of their time and money in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Cruces and Farmington.

After a hundred years of blue team wins, our state is still scraping the bottom of the prosperity barrel.

In New Mexico we have more government than we can afford, more crime than we need, finish at the top of most bad polls and the bottom of most good ones.

How long does it take people to learn to pick a different color in the voting booth? Why do we always only have two big colors to choose from?

I’d vote for a chartreuse illegal alien if he, she, or it would balance the books.



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