” You aren’t going to go hungry in Mogpog, ” Alma tells me, matter of factly.

Whether it is fresh vegetables, noodles, fish, shrimp, pork, chicken, okra, green beans, squash, goat, rice, spaghetti and meat sauce, meat on a stick,eggs,coconut water or coconut, you are obliged to eat more than you want. At birthday parties, or family get togethers, food and drink come from all directions – fastballs, curve balls, sinkers, sliders, knuckle balls, spitballs.

At this birthday party for Uncle Estoy, there is food and Red Horse, the local beer of champions.

This party is an all day affair and friends and family drop by when they wish. In the yard is a rented Karaoke machine and people start practicing early for a sing off this evening.

People love to sing and dance in Mogpog. Eating and drinking run a close third and fourth.

When we sing ” Happy Birthday ” for uncle Estoy, he smiles.

There are enough birthdays in the world that we could party every day.

For being able to share Alma and her family today, I am honored.

We go back a few years and that, just by itself, is sweet.



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