Air has always been free, but clever men have found ways to make money selling it. 

At gas stations, service used to bring people into your business. Station attendants pumped gas, checked oil, washed windows, checked tire pressure and earned their money while you put on your lipstick, lit a Marlboro, or listened to the latest Elvis Presley hit.

Now, these jobs have disappeared and we air our own tires if we can find a station with an air unit that works.

The next logical step is for federal and local government to tax the air we breath, monitored by a microchip implanted in our right shoulder, just above our government identification tattoo.

Slavery is still with us.

We live in homes the bank owns, read news written by propagandists, believe the political process supports us.

When you can convince people to pay for air, they can be convinced to do anything.





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