On the 31st of October, ghosts, goblins, spiders, hollowed out pumpkins with candles inside, skeletons, and gravestones appear in unlikely places.

On Halloween, people dress spooky, celebrate bizarre and odd, Even title companies, staid financial institutions, pay homage to the Dark Side.

” Enter and you die, ” welcomes us as realtor, Laurie, and I enter offices to complete closing on my new home. Spider webs droop from the ceiling and a costumed receptionist greets us.

” Please make yourself comfortable, ” she smiles, her antennae motioning us towards a seat.

Ahead are thirty years of payments to faceless financial institutions and a mortgage that gets passed along like an ugly girl at the prom.

it is good we have Christmas and Easter because crosses trump gravestones and headless horsemen are trumped by a baby in a manger.

South Beach Halloween isn’t that far back in Scotttreks, or New Year’s celebrations in Cuenca, Ecuador.

 Are the costumes we put on during the year revealing who we are, or concealing ourselves for our own protection.

There is, after all, nothing wrong with using camauflage if it keeps us sane and safe.




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