Starbucks coffee is ubiquitous.

For a couple of bucks for coffee I can mingle with tech savvy people who lean towards globalism, free healthcare for all, living wage checks from Uncle Sam, electric cars. The company’s political stance doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy their coffee or their free Wi-Fi.

This morning, in my local Starbucks parking lot, a horned toad squats on a Toyota car hood waiting for his Frappe.

This truck has a locked security cover because Albuquerque is, after all,  a  “Breaking Bad ” city.

Crime is on everyone’s lips in Albuquerque but the conditions that breed crime here aren’t likely to be fixed anytime soon. Crime used to be called a morality problem but it is now talked up as an economic problem. Our Mayor assures us that If we pump enough money towards the crime problem, it will be solved.

This little dinosaur doesn’t nod as I go by.  He reminds me of a green gecko I once glued to the hood of my painter’s truck, a synthetic stuccoed Mitsubishi ” Mighty Max. ”  He reminds of the beautiful  green gecko on the front porch screen door of my  quarters in Ms. Sue’s Haiti.

Why, I keep wondering, do I keep running into the same things, in different places, across time? 

Even some of my crazy ideas have already been tried by someone else long before I was born.

Can any of us be truly original, do something in time and space that has never been done before?

I’m sure this horned toad has the perfect answer.


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