Taking a different way to the Plaza, there appears another Catholic church, one of fifteen in Granada.

This place of worship is unique for its grizzled exterior that looks older than history, and people standing way up in a bell tower taking digital photos. It is evening and Mass is in progress.

For a small fee, visitors this evening climbed to the tower top and not only are seeing Granada but all the way to Lake Nicaragua and the Mombacho Volcano.

I have been told by a tour guide that the black stained exterior is not mold but comes from a fire built by an American, William Walker, who invaded and took over Nicaragua in the 1800’s to extend Southern slavery. He was trying to burn out defenders of the city who were holed up inside the massive walls of this church.

Walker was eventually captured and executed in Honduras but American interventionism has never stopped anywhere.

Church’s try to do God’s work, but men keep putting their foot in the door.

American’s have been visiting Nicaragua a long time, but not all of them have had good on their mind.



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