Independence is a state many states have waged to achieve, and keep.

The three men’s names engraved into marble are Sanchez, Duarte and Mella.

Duarte was a writer, activist,poet, military man and liberal politician who was one of the founding fathers of the Dominican Republic. Sanchez was a politician, national hero and founding father of the Dominican Republic who helped lead the 1844 War of Independence from Spain. .Mella is another national hero who joins Duarte and Sanchez as the most important figures in their countries winning fight for freedom.

It seems odd that with so much struggle to achieve national independence and autonomy, all around the world, proponents of globalism want to return us all to the colonial days of the past.

This park, just outside the entry to the Zona Colonial, is now an attraction for tourists and a reminder to Dominican Republic citizens of their past.

Freedom comes with struggle and keeping it means people have to want it.




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