When I eat breakfast with the kids, i sit with Diana, Jenny, and Hannah, an intern at Ms. Sue’s.

This morning the girls want to see pictures on my phone and flip through the camera roll.  Kids like to see pictures and really like to see pictures of themselves.

Jenny takes my I Phone and snaps a selfie.

When you take a selfie it says ” See me “, as well as ” love me. ”

I don’t know when I’m coming back to Haiti, but, as Jenny reminds me, ” God knows. ”

She is a natural.

Maybe she will be a photographer, or an engineer, or a mathematician, or a mom, or a teacher, or all of them?

I would like to see that and have breakfast again, one of the kid’s, at our table on the back porch.

For now,my chores are done and I’m flying home tomorrow. It will be a long and tortuous taxi ride to the airport and Ms. Sue and Hannah will go too, drop me off, and then have the driver take them to pick up stuff in Port Au Prince.

Getting even staples in Haiti is difficult. There are too few goods and they cost too much money.

These kid’s futures are scary to contemplate.

Haiti is a place where Darwin’s theory about the survival of the fittest is playing out in the worst way.

When people don;t help each other, a society disintegrates.



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