The boy walking the sidewalk is tossing a banana into the air and catching it as he walks. It could be a baseball, a football. a soccer ball, a stone or a pencil. Boys toss things into the air, catch them, and feel good with the world as it is.

Along the way, he stops at a slightly leaking hose that has been repaired with a piece of wire that has become rusted. He kneels down and inspects the  problem, holds the banana alongside the hose as if it would make a splint if he had something to tie it to the hose.

I pass and continue down the sidewalk on the way to the Colonial Zone.

He is still watching the water leaking onto the sidewalk.

He will come up with a solution or leave it for the next pedestrian.

There are problems we can solve but often we just don’t have the right tools or backing, or it is someone else’s job.



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