Kite surfing is here to stay.

On this beach there is wind day and night.

Lounging in beach bars, you feel wind in your face, hear palm fronds rustle, watch lizards on tree trunks lifting up on their front two legs to see insects, their little heads moved back and forth by the gusts. You can rent surf kites by the hour but to ride the waves is never as easy as the” pros” make it look. 

To start, kites are unfurled on the beach and tether lines are unwound. The surfer grabs a handle at the end of the lines and backs into the water. When he gets into the waves, his friend pushes the kite into the air, and, caught by the wind, the kite raises the surfer from a horizontal to vertical position and starts pulling him like a can hooked to the bumper of a JUST MARRIED pickup truck.

Kite surfing is easier than paddling out and catching one wave at a time, riding your little wave into shore and paddling out again. With the kite you can spend all morning riding multiple waves, back and forth,parallel to the shore, and only have to paddle in to have a drink of water and unpack your lunch from a cooler under a shade tree.

Kite surfing is for the thinking man.




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