Larimer is one of Earth’s creations, formed by great pressures, huge temperatures, great shiftings of mineral deposits laid down over millions of years. It is found only in the Dominican Republic where it is mined, cut, polished, and fashioned into fine jewelry.

One of the shops off the Parque Colon in Santo Domingo is the Museum of Larimar which is a museum and retail shop selling larimar jewelry as well as amber, another rare item found in this country.

The museum is informative and has English along with Spanish descriptions of how Larimar was created, how it is mined, it’s history, and how it is turned into fashionable jewelry. The sales ladies were gentle and the soft blue and white gemstone was pleasing. Any of these would look well around a dainty woman”s neck, dressed for a nice dinner engagement with the person of her choosing.

The gem is found deep in the jungles of the Dominican Republic and is dug out of the Earth by rugged men who have to tunnel below the Earth to find it. It is dangerous and physically demanding work.

There are street vendors in the Zona Colonia who show me trays of Larimar and hold a cigarette lighter up to their pieces to show everything is real and not plastic. What they sell, I am assuming, is mostly real, but buying the gem in a shop that authenticates it seems more sensible.


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