Doctor Who has the most unique phone booth in the Universe. but on our way back to Creede, Colorado, Richard’s idea is to stop and pay respects to one of the last pay phones in America.

Pay phones, push lawnmowers, and rotary phones have all become obsolete, and, one day, computers too will only be found in these same dated hotel rooms with Mr. Coffee coffeemakers, small refrigerators, coin operated massage beds, ADT security stickers curling up on metal sash windows.

On site, Richard and I both pick up the phone and listen to the dial tone to confirm the antiquated technology is working and take our obligatory pictures. I wish Columbus had had a camera to document his first landing and native Indians had been able to shoot videos of foreigners sticking a strange flag in their hallowed ground. Seeing a You tube video of the universe created in real time would also be inspirational.

Dr. Who would know if there are payphones or push mowers on Mars.

He would know if there was a Denny’s hidden in the rings of Saturn.

He would know what the Gates of Heaven are made of.

I can’t call him though because this last of its kind pay phone doesn’t take credit cards, phone cards don’t let us call outside Earth’s atmosphere, and I don’t have a truckload of quarters.

Watching a piece of human history disappear has sadness wrapped inside its wrapper.







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