At the Albuquerque International Sun Port I ride two escalators, get my boarding pass, check my baggage, then get processed by airport security.

Channeled down a winding roped off aisle with cutbacks, my airline ticket is initialed with a black ball point pen and my passport and driver’s license are checked for authenticity. A bespeckled TSA agent wearing latex gloves waves me towards the x-ray machines behind us, and,still in line with other travelers, I load my tennis shoes into plastic containers along with my belt, wallet, keys, loose change, smart phone and laptop. My carry on bag is already moving ahead of me down a conveyor belt.

Next to go, I am x-rayed, patted down, confirmed, and cleared to fly.

Travelers in wheelchairs and diapers go through the same procedures I do, all of us stamped and approved by bland dark blue uniformed men and women doing our government’s work.

As our country turns totalitarian, keeping my eyes on Exits is prudent.

To catch one terrorist we have all become guilty, until proven innocent..





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