Pat reminds me to dig deeper on amber, highly valued by Kings and royalty way way back when we had Kings and royalty.

Tunneling deeper, I start walking to the Museum of Ambar at 454 Calle Arzobismo Merino Street in the Zona Colonia. It is roughly four blocks from the Plaza Colon. I keep watching street numbers increase, as I walk, and the numbers tell me I am getting close. There is a 452 Merino street and 454 is just after 452, on a corner on my side of the street. Odd numbers on one side of the street and even numbers on the other seems to have some kind of universal mojo.

A lady standing inside, at the front door, lets me inside, and gives me a personal tour of the museo in English.

In my tour of the museum, there are discoveries:

  1. Amber is as old as 360 million years and is tree sap preserved in the Earth. It is lightweight and is found by tunneling deep into the Earth.
  2. Amber is cut, shaped, polished, and fashioned into jewelry that is desired by people from around the world.
  3. Amber, under heat, gradually turns into its original flexible gummy state.
  4. Jurassic Park popularized amber with the premise of bringing dinosaurs back to life by extracting DNA from insects caught inside it.
  5. Amber, the original fly catcher, can contain bark, roots, leaves, vegetables, ants, termites, lizards, and most anything that crawled into it and couldn’t get out.
  6. The older the amber is, the darker it is.
  7. Amber has been used in medicines and religious ceremonies by ancient people.
  8. The Dominican Republic has ” Blue Amber ” which is found only here. If you hold a specimen up to the light you see tints of blue appear in it’s features.
  9. If you want to test amber’s authenticity, you drop it into a saline solution. If it is amber, it will float.
  10. Amber comes in many different colors.

There is more to learn about amber than this, but  Brunilda gives a good tour and you don’t have to write anything down to learn something you didn’t know and make the museo worth a look.

When your special lady wears amber to a party and gets to tell everyone it is real, not plastic, you will be a smarter man than you think you .are for putting it on her finger or around her neck.

How to stay flexible for thousands of years is something we should all get into, especially as our years finished get bigger than our years left to go.




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