Cocoa is grown mostly in West Africa but also in the Dominican Republic,Grenada and Nicaragua, all in the same geographical band around the planet.

Cocoa is labor intensive to raise and produce but gives us chocolate, which tastes good and is healthy unless you ask your dentist.

The Cacao Museo is around and down the corner from the Parque Colon and it is surprising all the products made from cocoa that are sold in its little shop.

Discoverers from the time of Columbus went out to find new lands, new products, new wealth, new ideas and introduce them to the markets of Europe, one of the wealthiest continents of antiquity. Jewels and spices sent many a sailor to a watery grave yet businessmen launched expeditions to set up connections in foreign ports. The Caribbean, and even America, became a place to sell slaves and pick up tobacco, cotton, rum, gold and silver to return back to Europe in the same ships. 

Business was slow today but reading all the health benefits of unprocessed cocoa is going to send me to a health foods store when I get home.

Travel changes behavior.

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