Snow blew in yesterday and is falling earthward softly.

Big sloppy soft flakes hit a diesel power plant that runs all the rig lights and equipment, touch hot metal and turn to water on contact. Snow covers the roof of the mud logger’s SUV and dark mid west prairie mud is tracked inside the Geo-hut.

Near Benkleman, Nebraska, it takes us a couple of wrong turns before the new Caterpillar temporary bladed road is found and we see the lit up rig in the middle of a farmers corn field in a section of Nebraska farmland. It looks like a Christmas tree.

Oil is under our feet. When you drill in this area you have drilling history, some clues, some ” seismic ” data. We are trying to reach layers of sand that have oil, permeability,and structure with pressure to push the black gold to the surface. In old tycoon Texas days gushers exploded into the light of day and hardened drillers smiled and wiped black streams off their faces with oil soaked sleeves. This well is deep into the Earth’s crust yet the biggest twists and turns are dead ahead.

In the Geo Hut, the guys look at samples, pour over maps with highs and lows of nearby wells marked and contour lines for the entire area surrounding us. It is seven in the evening and pay zones are still down hole.

Without money, as incentive, nobody in their right mind would do this.

By late tomorrow we will know whether we have anything to produce, or not.

Most oil is found in places people don’t live, can’t live, or don’t want to live.


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