At 301 Calle de Mayo – Ciudad Vieja, Roberto and his wife live. It is here he has his art studio, living quarters, antique store, and two little dogs who just want to be held by mom.

It is a large space but its location is not ideal for showing or selling art. Off the main streets, it is hard to find and packed to the rafters with stuff, some bought, some bartered for, some found.

Roberto shows me his website – He has ideas, works quickly, and prefers to sell his own works instead of letting gallery owners mark prices up. Making art is one skill; selling art is another.

His works are ingenious, made out of wood and found materials, conscious of texture, space, materials, and art history. The art exhibition at the Urban Heritage offices is good for him, his wife tells me, because it is hard for him to see all his little children in his small studio upstairs.

His exposa takes photos of us and this is the best of three.

Art is a profession, trade, business, obsession, lover.

Roberto’s house and Art look like brothers. 

In a best case scenario, your life and your art are the same thing.


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