Competitors bring their faces down to their pumpkin pies, arms behind their backs or dangling at their sides. All the pies are waiting on paper plates on the stage tabletop.

Spectators yell encouragement to their favorite contestants.

At a whistle, all entries in the contest gobble as much pie as they can, as quick as they can. There are categories for kids, teens, and adults.

When the whistle blows, a second time,the winner of the contest has the least amount of pie left on his or her plate. Some contestants manage to eat their whole pie, others only get half way through.

The winner of this bout leaves one small slice untouched by lips and wipes pumpkin pie off his face with a wet towelette.The prize is a fifty dollar gift certificate to a local hardware store and the winner will probably buy a box of twenty two bullets for a varmit rifle.

As he steps down from the stage he is congratulated and has a winner’s smile.

It is never foolish to have fun when it doesn’t hurt anyone.

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