In the 1950’s, television started with three black and white channels and most of the programming showcased cowboys and Indians. With stock dialogue and less than noble plots, cowboys killed Indians and Indians killed cowboys. On our street, most every kid had a six shooter, tin badge, cowboy boots and hats. Indians fared better on the little screen when they threw away arrows and got repeating rifles. The westerns were black and white with good rewarded and evil dispatched of.

This Indian,seated in an Old Town store, has a stoic demeanor and a little handwritten sign speaking for him.

” Please, Don’t touch me. ”

Television and history books have our side of history nailed down. The other side lives in stories told around tribal bonfires as indigenous people’s dance, sing, and speak in languages I don’t know.

It is too bad we didn’t have an Indian Channel back in the old west.

The truth behind how we got where we are is hard to put your finger on. The answers and questions you get depend on who you are asking.

If History is only what we say it is, is it really worth anything? 


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