Scott’s Adventures in Arizona

Standing On The Corner Winslow, Arizona

An Eagles hit in the early 70's was titled " Take it Easy. " "Standing on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona" was a lyric that became a real park at the Corner of Kinsley and East 2nd Street in the real town of Winslow. Winslow isn't big, just a small town on old Route 66...

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Firestorm Crossing Arizona 2018

When you see clouds turn this color, the sun obscured, visibility shrunk, the odds of it being the " End of the World " increase. I expect to witness armed Angels riding down out of the smoke on horses breathing fire, drawn swords ready to take off unrighteous heads...

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Blue Suede Shoes – Video Impersonating Elvis

Imitation is, a famous wit explained, the greatest form of flattery. Elvis Presley was a star and shone bright in Tinseltown for decades. In an Elvis impersonator show, Danny Vernon croons, tells jokes, moves his hips, loves on the audience.  Some of these fans...

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Elton on a palm tree- Video simple music

Elton might not approve, but a cheap radio, playing one of his yesteryear hits, provides music at the Rincon RV Resort Farmer's Market. Having the same feeling as watching a John Wayne movie on a TNT movie night, I listen to Elton belt out his early ancient hit to...

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Shuffleboard Masters – Video On the front court

Shuffleboard is more cut throat than it appears. Before these players take a shot, they consult, put chalk on their hands,look at the weather, visualize their stride. You are the one responsible for propelling your disc down a slick, treacherous court. You live or die...

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Frosty’s Diner – Video On the Rincon Railroad

The Rincon Railroad is for kids at heart. Around the corner from the front office, the railroad town of Rincon has been created. On certain days of the week, on a strict schedule, railroad caps are donned, engine whistles toot, and trains roll around five different...

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Border Check Between Nogales and Tucson

We have borders. Our skin is our closest border, a barrier that keeps bacteria and viruses out, gives us particular shape and size, allows us to be flexible, agile. Our minds have borders that allow us to go only as far as we think we can. Countries have borders that...

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Tubac Art Festival February 10, 2017

Art flourishes in the desert.  At the Tubac Art Festival, streets are closed to traffic, excepting horse drawn wagons, and tents are set up  while parking attendants put on their lime colored jackets and sunscreen. Two of the parking lots are already full of...

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Holy Water San Xavier Mission - Tucson

The United States Southwest was originally inhabited by indigenous Indians. After Spanish explorers conquered Central and South America, they scoured the present states of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Utah and Nevada searching for lost cities of gold....

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Search and Rescue Sikorski Utility Helicopter

Outside Hanger One at the Pima Aircraft Museum, in a dirt field, helicopters, prehistoric looking birds with rotating wings, are on display. This Sikorski Utility helicopter was used at U.S. Coast Guard search and rescue stations in the seventies. On night duty in...

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Bomb’s Away Pima Air Museum, Tucson, Arizona

The Pima Air Museum is an equal opportunity museum. It has fighter planes, bombers, helicopters, experimental dreams, cargo planes, There are hangers filled with donated airplanes of every vintage, staffed with volunteers, and a large open field where aircraft have...

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Chili Fundraiser 450 happy diners

We spend lots of time waiting in our lives. We wait to be born and wait to be buried, wait to graduate, wait to raise kids, pay off a mortgage, retire, serve and be served,break par, get money back on our taxes.  If we are lucky the line keeps moving and we have...

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