Scott’s Adventures in New Mexico

Gingerbread Houses At the Owl

On the counter at the Owl is a street of gingerbread houses. Each house is a prize in a raffle to raise proceeds for a local orphanage. The tickets are a dollar per chance. I am told that you don't eat the houses, that they remain in a plastic bag in your attic or on...

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King for the Day Get your crown at Burger King

These crowns are made from paper with printed jewels on the side. They adjust to fit all heads and there are plenty to go around. Customers can take them for free and kids are not the only ones that wear them. Kings used to be in short supply, one to a country. In...

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Three Old Men Sitting on a Bench

Some photographs resonate.This photo, hanging on a restaurant wall in an Albuquerque Olive Garden, resonates. It is a black, white, and gray ode to old age. These three old men have a history and are sitting on a bench watching life pass. Old men have histories that...

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Sunday Church-Video At Washed by the Word Church, Albuquerque

Sunday's are predictable and that is not  bad. There is praise and worship, announcements, then expository teaching verse by verse, book by book. There are no frills, no topical sermons, no guest speakers, no videos. This Sunday we are serenaded by singers from a...

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July 30, 2018 Hailstorm- Video Roof Breaker

it doesn't rain more than ten inches a year in Albuquerque. This high desert city gets snow infrequently and never has tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes, In July, a ten minute hail storm ripped through my neighborhood and piled small hail stones against my garage...

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Group Therapy

At the Marble Brewery, downtown Albuquerque, the stage is occupied. " Group Therapy, " has been on the set for half of their first set. They swing for the fences as patrons of the brewery sit outside at tables, balance conversation, watching kids, looking for future...

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Discover, Teach, Heal Three Fountains in One.

Any one of these titles, alone, would be a worthy life goal. The University of California at Irvine's Medical Center features three of their goals on a fountain in front of the hospital. Titles like Love, Create, Respect, Contribute could also be chiseled into these...

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Bird Bath Old Town, Albuquerque, 2018

This fountain stands in a plaza in Old Town and this morning local birds play and preen in the droplets. Birds enjoy the water but they don't have soap dishes or towels. Water runs off their backs but their melodies sound better than my shower singing. From their...

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Big Soul Band Sandra's School of Dance, Albuquerque, NM

B.S.B. are initials that don't stand for a secret government agency or a medical procedure. They stand for the Big Soul Band. Tonight, Chadd and Ryan's band plays music at a local dance club. Dancers spin like the little plastic bride and groom on a wedding cake. They...

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Zoltar The Future only costs a dollar to see

On my way down a narrow hallway to the restroom in the Clines Corner Travel Center, Zoltar accosts me. " Would you like to know your future, " he asks? On my way out of the rest room I push a dollar up to a little blinking light on the front of Zoltar's . Ever so...

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Please Don’t Touch Seated Indian

. In the 1950's, television started with three black and white channels and most of the programming showcased cowboys and Indians. With stock dialogue and less than noble plots, cowboys killed Indians and Indians killed cowboys. On our street, most every kid had a six...

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