Blast to the Past

In Billini Plaza 19th Century Museo of Tostada

Across from Billini plaza is a well to do man's home of the nineteen hundreds. The home, which I am shown through, is several hundred years older than the Alcazar de Don Colon and several hundred years behind homes you find now in the Zona Colonia with modern...

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Museo of Rum In the Zona Colonia

Rum has been around for centuries. Columbus brought the first sugarcane to the new world, and, shortly after, the first sugar cane plantation, worked by slaves, was begun in the New World.  A trade route was begun with Europe bringing African slaves to the...

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Godfather street Zona Colonia- Calle Hostos

According to one of my first guides, Alberto, this was where parts of the movie " Godfather " was filmed. Alberto who is missing one leg but transports with crutches, even on these up and down streets,took me on a tour the other day to the Plaza Espana, which is...

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Museo of Amber Zona Colonia, Santo Domingo

Pat reminds me to dig deeper on amber, highly valued by Kings and royalty way way back when we had Kings and royalty. Tunneling deeper, I start walking to the Museum of Ambar at 454 Calle Arzobismo Merino Street in the Zona Colonia. It is roughly four blocks from the...

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Museo of Cacao Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Cocoa is grown mostly in West Africa but also in the Dominican Republic,Grenada and Nicaragua, all in the same geographical band around the planet. Cocoa is labor intensive to raise and turn into products but it gives us chocolate, which tastes good and is healthy,...

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Plaza Pellerano Castro-Poet South end of Zona Colonial

This little park is dedicated to an important poet with a simple stone inscription. Pellerano was a man who moved to the Dominican Republic from Curacao, stayed, and also raised a daughter, Luisa Castro, who was one of the most influential woman writers of Latin...

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