Nosotros – Video " We"

Valentine's Day at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, in Albuquerque, features " Nosotros. " The music menu is hot, hot and hotter. The band belts out salsas, sambas, and, especially popular in New Mexico, cumbias. Us " Sax Rats" have come down this evening to listen...

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Nosotros Valentines Day, 2019

If you want to know what people are looking for, count the cars in the parking lot. Tonight, the parking lot is full. The dance floor is also full,dancers barely having enough room to stand, The band is hitting their spots, ladies are dressed to kill,  the...

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Cooped Up Stan's Chicken House

Stan has had chickens for a few years. They weren't something he wanted but his adopted kids wanted egg laying chickens so he built them a first rate chicken coop, feeds them, keeps their cage clean, and can't kill the chickens because his daughter would cry. " Do...

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Puzzles Sunday School

Kids like playing on the carpet. Tonight's theme will be Noah. It is about a righteous man who is told by God to build a huge boat. A great flood comes and destroys a sinful mankind. Noah, his family and the animals on his ark,survive and are the seeds for God's new...

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Rocking Horse For the Grandkids

In the front entry, project materials are carefully spread on the floor. There are drills and hammers, paint brushes, screwdrivers, scissors and a set of instructions, if needed. Charlie is building a Rocking Horse for his newest grand-daughter. In Charlie's newest...

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Child’s Play Outside the Marble Brewery

Inside the downtown Marble Street Brewery, adults pursue spirits, music, networking, barbecue ribs, chips and salsa, self promotion, smoozing, passionate political arguments, petty man/ woman/ transgender spats, soothing ruffled feathers, looking for sex, patching up...

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Night at the Marble Brewery Concert

  Tonight, at the Marble Street Brewery, in Albuquerque," Group Therapy" rocks. They rock with rock and roll, blues, jazz , Latin, boogie woogie, funk, and some gospel  to change the mood. With the sun plummeting, this brew pub's tanks look heavenly. Food...

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Strawberry Patch In Los Angeles City Limits

Long term residents, going back to the 1940's and 50's, who are still alive, talk in the hospital waiting room about California being a Garden of Eden. " Down that street, " one says, ": there were acres and acres of orange trees..... " " And grapefruits as big as...

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Jenny’s Selfie for all to see

When I eat breakfast with the kids, i sit with Diana, Jenny, and Hannah, an intern at Ms. Sue's. This morning the girls want to see pictures on my phone and flip through the camera roll.  Kids like to see pictures and really like to see pictures of themselves....

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Small Steps Laundry day

The washer and dryer at Ms. Sue's starts early in the morning and ends late at night.  With forty two kids, clothes get dirty and, even with throw away diapers, there is hardly time to wash dry,fold, and hang. Some of the clothes are hand washed in buckets in the...

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Tree of Life photographs

In a hallway to the tv room, on a wall in front of the boy's dorm, is a tree with kid's photos hanging like fruit. These photo's were taken some years back and the children have long outgrown their photos, each day becoming something new, their emotions taking them on...

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Kids, Kids, Kids At breakfast and at Play

The kid meter is shaped like a stop signal with green,yellow, and red lights. When the green light is on there are bursts of positive energy. Kids seek like minded playmates and act out dramas the length of the dining room. They stay out of each others way and, like...

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