Money Talk

Family Footsteps Near Benkleman, Nebraska, November. 2018

On the derrick, a crew of three push the drill bit deeper. A length of pipe is retrieved from the squirrel cage at the top of the rig, lowered to the captured and clamped pipe at the top of the hole. The new length of pipe is screwed onto the top of the pipe coming...

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In the Geo-Hut Home Bases

The Geo-Hut is adjacent to the derrick, hooked up to electric with heaters blasting 24/7 to deal with snow and deteriorating weather. This snow started yesterday and has intermittently laid a six inch blanket atop the Geo-Hut roof. Inside the trailer, one bunk is...

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W. C. Fields #1 Hard at Work

The rig moved in four days ago. The drilling crew are cold and wet but crews run twenty four seven coming back out of the hole only to replace a broken or dull bit, or let a logger test a zone. Despite what you read in the Washington Post, the Denver Post, the New...

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Oil Rig, Nebraska Black Gold

Snow blew in yesterday and is falling earthward softly. Big sloppy soft flakes hit a diesel power plant that runs all the rig lights and equipment, touch hot metal and turn to water on contact. Snow covers the roof of the mud logger's SUV and dark mid west prairie mud...

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July 30, 2018 Hailstorm- Video Roof Breaker

it doesn't rain more than ten inches a year in Albuquerque. This high desert city gets snow infrequently and never has tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes, In July, a ten minute hail storm ripped through my neighborhood and piled small hail stones against my garage...

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Zoltar The Future only costs a dollar to see

On my way down a narrow hallway to the restroom in the Clines Corner Travel Center, Zoltar accosts me. " Would you like to know your future, " he asks? On my way out of the rest room I push a dollar up to a little blinking light on the front of Zoltar's . Ever so...

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Storage Blues Running out of space

  Landfills are busting seams, the bottom of oceans have deep channels cluttered with refuse, the Himalaya's have Coke cans and zip lock bags at the bottom of their crevices. On television, " Storage Wars " is a cable entertainment about scavengers who buy items left...

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Free Air Espanola, New Mexico

Air has always been free, but clever men have found ways to make money selling it.  At gas stations, service used to bring people into your business. Station attendants pumped gas, checked oil, washed windows, checked tire pressure and earned their money while you put...

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Storage Wars Moving paintings

Paintings come in all sizes according to the shape of an artist's vision.  Many artists begin painting using small pre-stretched canvases you can buy at Hobby Lobby, then matriculate to larger sizes, stretch and staple their canvas over manufactured frames, gesso the...

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3 Cups a Day Drink till you drop

The saying used to be " An apple a day keeps the Doctor Away. "  In 2017, there were 27,339 Starbucks stores globally.  Back in World War 2, coffee kept pilots awake on long flights to targeted cities, helped wives and girlfriends who watched the postman walk up to...

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Pay in Advance Old Economics

In 2018, it still costs to park, but inflation has kicked up the price. In older times, Albuquerque Old Town visitors would pull 55 Chevy's into spaces under towering cottonwoods, next to adobe walls built in the early nineteen hundreds. They would not lock their car...

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Arachniphobia At the Title Company

This big guy looms by the front door of the Fidelity Title Company in Albuquerque. His cousin, in Haiti, was smaller but real and more menacing. Spiders usually hide in dark corners, under rotting timbers, in holes and crevices, away from the light and especially away...

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