On the Beach

Ulong Bay Mogpog

It is easier to describe this place by telling what isn't here. There are no condos, resorts, blue water swimming pools, water slides, fancy cabanas with fully loaded bars. There aren't people wearing sunglasses and expensive thongs. There isn't a paved road to get...

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Playing in the Sand Sandman

There are sand creations on beaches. They start as an idea, then move past idea to become reality. Artists bring buckets and shovels, pots and rakes, sticks and bones, bottle caps or string, shells or seaweed to make hair. They kneel in the sand, and, with bare hands,...

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Mexico Nights Ahau Tulum Hotel

At sundown, people congregate. The bar and restaurant at the Ahau Tulum is a to do whether you are staying or passing through. From tables in the dining area you can watch the sun go down as the entire Caribbean vanishes into dark. As light dims, people leave the...

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Nature’s Ways an afternoon at the beach

   Rock colored birds face the wind so their bodies aren't scattered like bowling pins. Pelicans circle, dive, their pointed beaks becoming lances. Sea colors modulate,  Waves stir up sediment and seaweed. Fitting into nature, seamlessly, was what was lost in our...

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Hauling Seaweed Even on the best beaches

Tides are capricious. Some places on this beach you find no nasty presents from high tide. There is white sand, pools of trapped sea water, an occasional shell. Other places you find a narrow strip of seaweed, like Christmas tinsel on a living room floor. In the worst...

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Caribbean Sea – Video Hotel Zone - Tulum

  The sea changes like a model's face. One moment it is smooth as glass all the way to the horizon, the meeting of water and air straight as a pencil line drawn by laying a ruler down. The horizon is so straight that you believe the world is flat like old explorers...

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Kite Surfing – Video play in the day

Kite surfing is here to stay. On this beach there is wind day and night. Lounging in beach bars, you feel wind in your face, hear palm fronds rustle, watch lizards on tree trunks lifting up on their front two legs to see insects, their little heads moved back and...

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Tulum Beach in the surf

The surf rumbles all day and all night. Where water meets land, long white capped waves roll over, roll under, and roll onto the land like conquerors. There are high and low tides and thin legged birds kick bubbles left by the waves like Colombian soccer players. In...

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Maderas Beach going to the surf

The best surf is not in San Juan Del Sur. To reach any one of the best surfing spots north and south of SJDS you have to take a shuttle. For modest dollars, you load into trucks, jeeps, vans, and are driven through back country, down winding dirt paths in four wheel...

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SJDS Sunrise/Sunset one reason people show up

In the heat of the day, the beach in San Juan is almost unoccupied. There are few people walking its length, even fewer walking into the surf too cool off. Waitresses and waiters stay under their canvas roofs and swat insects with menus. Dogs stretch out on doorsteps....

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Kite Surfing South Padre Island

This surf isn't the best but this wind is strong and steady. Kite surfers combine kites and surfboards and hitch themselves to the wind for a free ride. Wearing wet suits, they also wear harnesses and are tethered to their kites by fifty foot lines. As their kite is...

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Footprints/Hotel Playa Beach Side by side/Hotel Playa

This is a conundrum. At first glance these are footprints on the beach.  At a second glance you discover the footprints are not pointing the same direction. At first thought, I wonder how this happened? Maybe a man with a peg leg twists his right foot in the opposite...

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