Watch out above Getting wet on a dry day

I'm walking, minding my business, on a cloudless day.  Water pours down like someone is pouring a bucket on me, which they are. In the Zona Colonia, water used to mop balcony floors, or spilled when watering plants, is exited through a piece of PVC stuck through...

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Museo of Rum In the Zona Colonia

Rum has been around for centuries. Columbus brought the first sugarcane to the new world, and, shortly after, the first sugar cane plantation, worked by slaves, was begun in the New World.  A trade route was begun with Europe bringing African slaves to the...

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Hand rolling cigars in DR-Video In the Zona Colonia

The little room entered through a small corner tobacco shop in the Zona Colonia has four men inside. One is reading the paper, another is watching the cigars being made, two are working - making cigars, by hand, one at a time.  " He is muy rapidio, " I remark. "...

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Juan Voight-Artis Plastic @instagram Juan Rodriquez Artista

Just off the Colon Plaza, straight east past the Pizzerella pizza parlor, Juan shows up to work every day. He says he has been an artist since he was a little boy, teaches at the college part time, and makes his living as an artist. He works deliberate. Watercolors...

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Street Empanadas One street over from Calle Estrellita

Every time I pass, I see customers at this little empanada stand - ordering their empanadas, sitting in these plastic lawn chairs,visiting, stopping a moment in life, standing, moving away, replaced in moments by someone else. It is all very random. The process is...

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Corner market Keeping in the neighborhood

At night, when it is cool, neighborhood people congregate in front of the local mini market, sit outside on their balconies or front porches. This group of men, on the corner, down from the LaPuerta Guesthouse, are watching an American basketball game on their street...

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Dirty Laundry four blocks away

Dirty laundry catches up with all of us. Only bringing a carry on bag, and wearing most of my clothes more than a day, I have run out of clean. In my neighborhood, this lavenderia takes my clothes in the morning, gives me a receipt, hands my clothes back clean, folded...

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God Bless Santo Domingo-Video Jardin Botanico snack stop

At the Jardin Botanico in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, it is lunch time. On the menu is one part indigenous people, one part Europeans, one part Hispanics, one part black Africans. Combine the European, African, Caribbean and Dominican recipe and you have a...

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Fishing by the Napolitano Casino Fishermen rise early

Before seven in the morning, a kid passes me on a bicycle, waves at another man on a bicycle going the other way past us, carrying a five gallon plastic bucket on his handlebars and a fishing pole home with breakfast. When the kid makes a left towards the water, a...

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