Llamas Larkspur, Colorado

Llamas are a staple animal in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and other high Andes South American countries.  Llama wool keeps locals warm and you can buy llama sweaters, caps and blankets in open markets in Otavalo, Ecuador as well as other marketplaces in the southern...

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Weston’s 1960 El Camino Going for a paint job

This car is no longer a car. It is a piece of family history. In high school, Weston started banging out dents, measuring from A to B, searching the internet for alternators and chrome. In college, he was home for holidays and fashioned new panels for rusted out steel...

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Three Old Men Sitting on a Bench

Some photographs resonate.This photo, hanging on a restaurant wall in an Albuquerque Olive Garden where I often go to dine, resonates. It is a black, white, and gray ode to old age. These three old men have a history and are sitting on a bench watching life pass. Old...

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Please Don’t Touch Seated Indian

. In the 1950's, television started with three black and white channels and most of the programming showcased cowboys and Indians. With stock dialogue and less than noble plots, cowboys killed Indians and Indians killed cowboys. On our street, most every kid had a six...

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Campout at McDonalds Four thirty in the morning

  Sometime last night this homeless statistic rolled her shopping cart onto Ronald McDonald's premises and parked it.  The Albuquerque homeless problem is ubiquitous even if un-employment is low and jobs are rumored to be everywhere. Most  intersections...

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Firestorm Crossing Arizona 2018

When you see clouds turn this color, the sun obscured, visibility shrunk, the odds of it being the " End of the World " increase. I expect to witness armed Angels riding down out of the smoke on horses breathing fire, drawn swords ready to take off unrighteous heads...

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The Gang’s All Here McDonald's

Five o' clock a.m. comes early and us boys head to the McDonalds at Lomas and Juan Tabo in Albuquerque most every morning of the week for different reasons. Some read the newspaper, others do crosswords, some eat, most drink coffee, most tell jokes that are...

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Cano’s Castle Antonito, Colorado

Leaving Antonito, Colorado, it is not hard to see two gleaming towers off to the east, the sun glistening off silver spires made out of hub caps, flattened beer cans, wire, window casements and whatever other metal comes into the hands of it's builder. You drive a few...

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Haiti Made in the neighborhood

Haiti Made is a local Cafe and Gift Shop. If you walk outside the Christianville front gate, past the security man sitting in a chair with a weapon by his side, you can make a quick right and follow a single lane road into the countryside. Less than a quarter mile,...

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Trimming Trees machete work

A phone call has been made to get this work started. This workman uses a ladder to climb up into the tree branches,and, with deft strikes, his machete becomes an ax and tree limbs come down with a crash. This crew of four has spent half a day trimming trees and...

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Volunteering in Haiti In the Country

On customs forms, my destination is spelled - Christianville, Haiti. Christianville is not a town, city or village but a walled, fenced, compound in the Haitian countryside that is a trade school, a co-ordinating point for churches from abroad doing missions in Haiti,...

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