The Great Security State

Controlled Violence Lunch at Dion's Pizza

  Eric, a retired Army Ranger, who patrolled streets of Iraq in full battle gear, has told me violence is a way of life and controlling or neutralizing it was his living. When I talk with a man who has had to take another human life, regardless of his...

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Making the News KOAT, Channel 7, ABC, Albuquerque

Growing up in the 1950's, there were only three channels on our new black and white TV. The programming was sports, talent shows, westerns, game shows and nightly news.The broadcast day ended at midnight and Johnny Carson, in the 1960's, tucked his audiences into bed....

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Campout at McDonalds Four thirty in the morning

  Sometime last night this homeless statistic rolled her shopping cart onto Ronald McDonald's premises and parked it.  The Albuquerque homeless problem is ubiquitous even if un-employment is low and jobs are rumored to be everywhere. Most  intersections...

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Toilet Talk UNM Championship Golf Course

Posting messages above a men's urinal is not uncommon. This message isn't inspirational but it wouldn't have been taped here, written up in large print with bold colors, if someone's chain hadn't been pulled. The person that wrote this sign is clearly more educated...

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Gender Dysphoria California Dreaming

This is an All Gender Restroom at the UC Irvine Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.  The worst thing about this sign is having to figure out where all these genders are suddenly coming from, and whether I can open the door, safely go inside, and use the...

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Mother Road Route 66 through New Mexico

  Route 66 is the most famous United States highway that joined others to became the U.S. Interstate Highway system that linked our 50 states, made remote places accessible, let restless spirits roam to where they belonged, spawned a history of music, posters,...

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Heavy Artillery The War Begins

In the 1960's, a most favored slogan was " Make Love, Not War. " Their were lots of babies conceived in hippie vans as the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin and Jefferson Airplane fanned anti war sentiment, wore flowers in their hair and had meetings with Indian gurus....

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Mickey’s New Employee Work Trends

  McDonalds was one of the first corporate giants to infiltrate American communities with cheap hamburgers, fast food, employee training programs, marketing strategies, toys for the kids, drive up windows, extended operating hours. You can dine in any corporate...

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Flight Tracker Tokyo to Minnesota

On the back of the airplane seat, in front of me, is an entertainment console with music, movies, diversions.. If I hit a flight tracker button on the console, I can see the path of my flight in midair, wind speed, plane speed, miles traveled, miles to go. Checking...

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Tokyo Train Narita Airport to Haneda Airport - Japan

There were trains before planes. The first trains were big, lumbering, uncomfortable, dark,slow, and were powered by men shoveling coal to heat water and using steam to turn gears and wheels. Train tracks were wide and it took the help of thousands of Chinese...

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