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W.C. Fields #1 – Video W.C. Fields #1

 Going into the hole you add pipe, coming out of the hole you take away pipe.. It is snowing but the drillers don't stop. When you are drilling a mile down you don't leave the hole open long. The Earth doesn't tolerate straws dipped into its reservoir and can close...

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July 30, 2018 Hailstorm- Video Roof Breaker

it doesn't rain more than ten inches a year in Albuquerque. This high desert city gets snow infrequently and never has tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes, In July, a ten minute hail storm ripped through my neighborhood and piled small hail stones against my garage...

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Group Therapy

At the Marble Brewery, downtown Albuquerque, the stage is occupied. " Group Therapy, " has been on the set for half of their first set. They swing for the fences as patrons of the brewery sit outside at tables, balance conversation, watching kids, looking for future...

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Discover, Teach, Heal Three Fountains in One.

Any one of these titles, alone, would be a worthy life goal. The University of California at Irvine's Medical Center features three of their goals on a fountain in front of the hospital. Titles like Love, Create, Respect, Contribute could also be chiseled into these...

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Fountainhead UC Irvine Medical Center nature walk

At the top of a little path on a nature walk near the University of California Irvine Medical Center there is a small fountain in a memorial to lost infants. I watch the bubbling water and think of beginnings and endings,a place where life springs into existence and...

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Bird Bath Old Town, Albuquerque, 2018

This fountain stands in a plaza in Old Town and this morning local birds play and preen in the droplets. Birds enjoy the water but they don't have soap dishes or towels. Water runs off their backs but their melodies sound better than my shower singing. From their...

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Big Soul Band Sandra's School of Dance, Albuquerque, NM

B.S.B. are initials that don't stand for a secret government agency or a medical procedure. They stand for the Big Soul Band. Tonight, Chadd and Ryan's band plays music at a local dance club. Dancers spin like the little plastic bride and groom on a wedding cake. They...

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Zoltar The Future only costs a dollar to see

On my way down a narrow hallway to the restroom in the Clines Corner Travel Center, Zoltar accosts me. " Would you like to know your future, " he asks? On my way out of the rest room I push a dollar up to a little blinking light on the front of Zoltar's . Ever so...

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North Clear Creek Waterfall- Video Colorado High Country

This isn't Niagra Falls or Victoria Falls, but it is a waterfall nonetheless. At North Clear Creek River, Colorado, we have a fifty foot drop. The river rolls to the edge of the drop, then tumbles over and smashes into the rocks and pool below.  A mist hits my face as...

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Sunday Morning Worship – Video singing hymns

It is Sunday morning. Sun squeezes through delicate spider webs by an old stump. Water drops through screw holes in the tin roof of the guest house. Children sing songs at Ms. Sue's. Birds string triplets together. When you have little, you tend to be happy with what...

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Gwen graduates – Video Kindergarden ceremony

On this day, Gwen graduates from kindergarten at a local community center. It takes some urging to go on stage with her aunt April, but she walks on and is recognized.There are recitations by some of the kids, comments by teacher's and invited guests, a small lunch...

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Cock Fights – Video to the end

Excitement builds during the week . As Sunday afternoon grows close, the roosters crowing takes on more urgency. On Sunday afternoons, a stadium in a local neighborhood opens for business and men pay for permits to fight their birds. A cage in the middle of the...

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