These are a pair of Scott’s old work shoes when he used to work hard.

Instead of being covered with paint, which was Scott’s main source of income in lean years,one of these shoes has residue from floor adhesive in a tile job. Spreading mastic with a trowel is a thankless job,and I am thankful I don’t do it anymore unless I choose too.

Not being fussy about work shoes, the adhesive has been there a few years.

The issue is wearing these when I go to historical places. In historical places there are shoe shine men and boys who want to clean this pair of shoes when they see the smudge that can’t easily be removed. Before I see them they have swooped down and are fiddling with my shoes even though I insist all is good.

Part of travel is using precautions. Make a copy of your Passport to show to people in lieu of the real thing. Don’t wear flashy jewelry. Don’t tell strangers where you live. Don’t drink water, except bottled. Go in groups at night. Don’t do things abroad you wouldn’t do at home. Get all your shots. Use sunscreen.

My newest precaution is going to be to clean this smudge off my shoe.

I hate to tell people no when shining shoes is their livelihood.

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