Edwards Theatres, in Brea, offer new Hollywood tall tales.

On these angel less Los Angeles streets, movies are spun like spider webs. In the early days of Hollywood, movies were made to entertain a public reeling from World Wars 1 and 2, the Great Depression. There were stories of hard core private dicks, romantic cowboys singing around campfires on starry nights, tales of the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy, pictures of big city politics and the antics of the Three Stooges. We have our own fables in 2018 about robots taking over our world, epidemics threatening New York City, political corruption at the highest levels.

At this matinee, Bertha, Chris and I see a new Jurassic Park fantasy, bringing dinosaurs back to life from DNA samples for nefarious purposes.

In this movie, prehistoric creatures are resurrected to be turned into weapons of war sold to the highest bidder by Jurassic World entrepreneurs, men whose love of money is greater than their love of themselves.

This epic ends with dinosaurs being released into America by a child’s hand moving a lever that frees them from their cages into our modern world.

Humans are continually opening Pandora’s Box.

It is best, an old saying has it, ” to let sleeping dinosaurs lie. ”







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