Even with electronic resistor arms, this  golfer gift from Joan looks like a pro.

Golfers are always interested in golf technology, the science and art of making golf balls fly further, bite on the green, hold their line before they are lost in the brush, or drown in a lake. Clubs and balls have evolved each year from the original design of a wood stick with a leather grip, and a a golf ball sewn together with cat gut.

This golfer, Mr. Skeleton, has attire, cap, clubs, shoes, and attitude. He has played all his life, and will eventually golf in the afterlife where you hit the ball from one hell hole to another and use clouds as landing areas. 

Mr. Skeleton is known for his drives, his biting humor, and physique..

In his last match, he beat a Catholic priest and celebrated in the club house with a Coors Light.

Both men are looking forward to next year’s charity tournament at the Celestial Grove Country Club where golfers, on both sides of sin, play for their souls.


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