There are four seasons in Albuquerque.

We are dry and hot in the summer, cooler and dry in the fall, cold and dry in the winter,  windy and warm and dry in the spring. We are high desert and only get ten inches of rain a year, if lucky. 

Last night’s snow storm covered Embudo Canyon in the Albuquerque foothills with at least a foot of snow and this morning Alex the architect and Scott the teacher follow some one else’s footsteps up the trail till their footprints abruptly stop. Then,we hike the rest of our usual trail using our ” trail memory.” 

When my feet sink in the snow as I hike, I slide a little till my tennis shoes quit sinking. I keep moving along the trail, lean away from cactus and brush that try to grab me as I trek.

I remember hiking Mount Mombacho in Nicaragua and strolling with the ” walkaholics” in Belize.

We can’t escape our bad memories but we always try to remember some of the good ones.




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