Every time I pass, I see customers at this little empanada stand – ordering their empanadas, sitting in these plastic lawn chairs,visiting, stopping a moment in life, standing, moving away, replaced in moments by someone else.

It is all very random. The process is like those parts of the atom scrawled on our high school Biology board – the protons, electrons, neutrons and all the things not up there that we still don’t know about, and may never know about.

The empanada menu here is extensive and all are less than one U.S. dollar apiece. This morning, for breakfast, my order is a ham and cheese empanada, a pollo empanada and two orders of pineapple juice naturale, served with ice in a dixie cup. 

I should have tried these empanadas earlier in the trip but stuff always crowds you on trips, distractions and diversions, side trips and just plain not getting around to it. The point is, there are always places to get a quick bite to eat within walking distance of where you are staying, if you look for alternatives. 

D-Starling Empanadas is small business, but they fit my food Menu.

These make the fifteen dollar empanadas at Lulu’s look overpriced..

I can appreciate fine dining with exquisite tastes and beautifully designed plates served on white tablecloths with a candle and the best silverware.

I just regret having to pay for a meal and then having to go buy more food to feel full. 

I leave my empanada stand full and flush with money saved.

If I lived here, I would be a regular and D would give me a free empanada every so often for being a loyal customer.

His neighbors joke with him as he fills my order.

It is a random morning, but a natural one.


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