This is my second trip to the Dayman termas but there are others in this province. About 80 km from Salto are the Termas of Arapey with five star hotels, water parks, restaurants, shopping, The Dayman termas are only a short bus ride out of Salto and the facilities are not pretentious. 

After my return visit soak, I explore the Dayman community built around the hot springs, a broad collection of hotels, guest houses, bungalows, private homes, and commercial businesses  

How would it be to own a place here and rent it out when I wasn’t using it?

Near the back of the village such a complex is being built. This new complex, as described by a large billboard in front, has the latest nuances and features its own hot pools, wi-fi, laundry room, patios and balconies, and security. It is not too large, but at 45 units there will be monthly fees and management costs.,

Their website is on the sign – www.guarnitermal.

If I want to own and rent in Salto, all I have to do is go to their website and start showing an interest.

If I had this kind of money though, I would rather be in Punta Del Este or the Pocitos district in Montevideo, or, better yet, Maldonado.

There have to be more reasons than fishing and hot soaks to entice me to live in a place.

Salto is seeming to be a middle class town of middle size for people with modest pocketbooks and imaginations.

When you pick a place to relocate, are you looking for a place that swings and leave occasionally or live in a place that doesn’t swing and have to leave more often?

Too many hot soaks can’t be good for you.


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