Palo Duro canyon isn’t far from Amarillo.

If you head east from Amarillo you hit the Texas Palo Duro State Park where you can drive down into the canyon and access its visitor center and exhibits. On road cuts in the canyon below Alan’s home we have found Indian arrow points lost in ancient hunting miscues. When we drive into the deep canyon we take his 1950’s Willy’s jeep and go way back deep into the gash in the Earth’s arm.

From either of these bench’s, the view is spectacular. Light comes to our side of the planet as the other side turns dark. The switch from dark to light comes quickly. Within thirty minutes we go from a place where we can’t see the creek in the bottom of the canyon to a point in time we can see the entire creek, as well as homes and houses on the rim of the far side of the canyon.

I wonder who is sitting on bench’s on the other side of the world  this morning, looking at a spectacular sunset?

I wonder if they are saying, like us, ” This is a million dollar view? ”

A million dollars isn’t much, these days., but I get to see sunrise for free, and, on Thanksgiving, I am grateful. Holidays seem to be a time I am not usually home.

There are small paths leading out to the benches so I know my brother Alan gets out here often.

This morning, I sit a while and hunker down in my light jacket.

On Thanksgivings, when I visit, we watch football after turkey dinner and I always fall asleep.

Having one day a year where you are thankful just doesn’t seem like enough.





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