In a hallway to the tv room, on a wall in front of the boy’s dorm, is a tree with kid’s photos hanging like fruit.

These photo’s were taken some years back and the children have long sinceoutgrown their photos, each day becoming something new, their emotions taking them on minute by minute roller coasters.

For businessman, kids are human capital raised to produce and consume.

For schools, kids are dollar signs.

For politicians, kids are future voters.

For Jesus, children are to be nurtured.

At Ms. Sue’s, children give this place its life. They run down halls, swing on the playground, sharpen pencils at school, recite devotionals, watch Disney movies before bedtime, do their chores.

It takes a long time for human fruit to ripen.

Yesterday’s photo’s don’t do justice to today’s faces.

It is time for some new portraits.


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