Those going on this day trip from Santo Domingo to Sanoa Island start at the Pizzerelli Pizza Palace at one corner of the Parque Colon at six forty five in the morning. There is virtually no one on the street this morning but me, but, at the pizza place there are five of us scheduled to go on this one trip. We are met by Isidro of Colonial Tours. He checks our papers and we follow him like kids following their teacher, down to the tour bus that takes us the land part of this trip.Along the way we stop at fancy hotels in Boca Chica and La Ramada and the bus is filled when we reach Bayimbe.

Santo Domingo is, I find, isolated from the water features of the island. It has a river and the Caribbean Sea in proximity but the real beach activities are on the  north shore by Samana and at Punta Cana which has its own International Airport, a myriad of all-inclusive hotels that cater to the beach crowd, and plenty of interesting tours you can take to spice up your vacation.

My trip, for several reasons,. will be spent in the Zona Colonia . This trip to the beach will be my beach experience. Next trip it makes sense to stay in Punta Cana and combine beach and tours that work better together.

The Colonial Tour is a good tour. We see countryside, sugar cane fields as far as the eye can see. I see cattle and little towns supported by agriculture. When we get to Bayimbe, a little town discovered and being developed by foreigners, we board speed boats and catamarans and sail to the Sanoa Island where we sun and swim, have lunch and drinks as part of the package, and walk a little stretch of beach. The island is not unlike Stone Island in Matzatlan but this beach has a private property sign on both ends. We are to enjoy ourselves in a small area.

On the sail back there is dancing on the catamaran, too much booze, but happy passengers.

It is dark when I walk home, a twelve hour trip for sixty five bucks, a value when you add all the pieces.

There is plenty left to do in Santo Domingo..

It was most interesting to see enterprising photographers taking candid shots of tourists in the water with nice cameras and fancy lens,.On shore, they walked the beach carrying their laptops, showed customers their photos and took payment be cash or credit. When you see people with smiles on their faces they always make a good picture.

Sanoa Island is still a trip worth taking from Santo Domingo but take plenty of money, sunscreen, and dress casual. 

The water is perfect, the palm, trees exquisite, and the company congenial.

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