Our Jeepney is loaded with twenty family members, kids, teens, babies, adults, inner tubes, coolers, pots of food, towels and swim gear.

Today is a family pool party at the Villa Arcos in Santa Cruz, Marinduque.

Our group pays fees when we arrive and walk down stone stairs to two turquoise color pools, the first one smaller, the second one big. This jungle theme park has penguins, zebras, crocodiles,and an airplane in the tree tops where you can climb and sit in the open cockpit. The two pools stand out like enormous gemstones in the bright tropical sun.

When you go down the water slide you pick up speed, hold your nose, and fly feet first into the water. Only a few of us have the guts to go down the slide head first.Those who can’t swim walk in the pool’s shallow water or use inner tubes. Some of the men stay in the cabanas,drink beer and tell jokes.

By mid afternoon, everyone is ready to go home and the hired Jeepney driver is waiting for us,already paid for the day. Empty pots slide on the floor of the Jeepney as we navigate a winding road home that makes a sidewinder look straight. 

Three generations are represented on this pleasure trip.

Going down the slide, head first, I felt like being a bullet coming out of a rifle barrel .

In our mind and heart we can defy the ravages of time.

I felt like a kid going down that slide but  woke up the next morning sore.


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