The Zona Colonia is the ” Old City ” in Santo Domingo.

It was established by Bartholomew Columbus (son of Christopher Columbus) in the late 1400’s and is the oldest European settlement in the New World. It became a base of operations for Spain’s conquest of the America’s and was fortified and manned by armies of the King of Spain till Spain lost its grip on most of the America’s politically, but not religiously or culturally.

Now this old city is an official UNESCO World Heritage City and a destination for tourists and people interested in roots. culture, and human history..

My Airbnb room is within walking distance of the walled, fortified, old city. It is in an old working class part of central Santo Domingo.The neighborhood is not where people with money want to live but there is plenty of life here for those who appreciate simple things. Avenida of the Americans and the waterfront is several blocks to the south of me, the Plaza Independence is several blocks to the north of me, and the officIal Zona Colonia is several blocks to the northeast of me.

The Airbnb is in an old building converted to hostel like rooms with a little courtyard, wi-fi, and gathering place by the front door where people can meet people.  It reminds me of the Hotel Aranjuez in San Jose,Costa Rica. Being close to a destination place is a good business model and for twenty dollars a night the price is right for travelers who don’t desire luxury and would rather put their travel dollars towards food and entertainment than fancy sheets and designer pillowcases. If I were thirty years younger with a reasonable size pocketbook I would do the these girls who run this.

On a morning walk through the neighborhood,there is nothing out of place.

People are making a living, communicating, raising kids, doing business, doing soul work and the devil’s work.

The photos speak for the place.

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