Looking where you walk is a good idea anywhere, but very useful  in Central and South America.

On  morning walks down Luis Cordero, through Parque Calderone, down stair steps and across the Rio Tomebamba, ending at McDonalds where Wi-Fi is free, there are varieties of unlevel walking surfaces.

They all have bumps and grinds that would make a stripper happy and there are multiple opportunities to take a tumble if you don’t pick your feet up and keep your balance.There are Americans who have moved here who use buses and taxis and walk daily, and there are Ecuadorians who have always lived here that drive new vehicles and wouldn’t walk if you paid them.

If you fall here it is not the sidewalk’s fault and you definitely don’t want a lawyer that speaks a language you don’t understand defending you in a country where you don’t have the high ground.

Sidewalks don’t seem interesting until you spend a morning taking pictures of them.

Keeping my balance is one of my traveler’s best skills.

Expecting the world to be an even and fair place takes more denial than I have in my backpack..



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