Albuquerque Rock Collections In the east foothills


Whether sculpture is created by a human hand, or a divine one, it hitches order and aesthetics to please the eye, the heart, the brain’s need for balance.

In the foothills east of Albuquerque smaller hills turn into bigger hills, then mountains as you climb. As you move higher, the size of granite boulders becomes larger and the scale of rock art becomes impressive.

Stones rest in family groupings and who placed them the way they are is a good question to tumble in your mind.

Their skin is rough and covered with lichen. Small rodents nestle in the cracks between them. These stones won’t be moved soon because developers are on a nearby golf course facing four foot downhill, side hill putts that make them forget roads, utilities, zoning, and home sites.

Nature is where it has been placed.

These rocks are heavenly sculpture human artists can look to for inspiration.

They will move when someone, or something, bigger than me will tackle the job.







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