It rains in the Caribbean. This rain storm has blown in in early afternoon and sends me under a roof overhang on one of the streets in the “: Old City. ”

Bringing an umbrella is one of those suggested things to do when packing for a trip, carrying the umbrella on your strolls is another suggestion, taking cover under a nearby roof when the storm hits is my usual strategy because I don’t like to carry an umbrella.

People, on motorcycles, wrapped in large plastic trash bags, zip through the streets and find shelter in parking garages. Security guards have a smoke and dogs are nowhere to be seen as water puddles and rain droplets hit your outstretched hands like little needle pricks. 

Afternoon rains here seem to be regular here in March.

It is nice to have a moment in the day when things stop and reset.

Staying dry is still at the top of most of our lists, most of the time.



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